For The Ladies

Figured I should post this - took it a while ago. The beast and it's slightly smaller boyfriend we're sat shouting obscenities at me in Kellies glass recycling box.

And I set them free to cause havoc. She was a big bastard too, certainly ranking in as one of the biggest I've come across of late!

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2 Responses to “For The Ladies”

Posh Totty said...

Dan, you bad man, there was no need for that ... Thats the last thing I need to see staring me in the face on a Monday morning YUK!!!!

Maybe just maybe I will have to blog about snakes to even things up a bit ;o)

Stuart Wilson said...

You should see some of the spiders we get in the country! It's almost a daily occurance for us to see a large one crawling from under the hearth to the other side of the living room!