Musical Monday #99 - Come Together

I have always been a fan of The Beatles.  Even though they're a bit before my time, I would often borrow my step-dads vinyl records he had and sit listening to them in my room with a BIG pair of headphones.

Even at school on a proper tape walkman, I'd have them playing, much to the amusement and mockery of other kids.  Not that I cared much - there was always something I was mocked over, so my taste in music didn't particularly bother me.

As I've grown up (physically) I still listen to them on and off, and go through phases with them.  And, recently, I've been listening to them again, right from their original stuff, through to the stranger things they did.

And I still love them.  Now, don't get me wrong, at no time in the history of album buying have I ever listened to an album and loved every song on there.  You have good songs, and you have album songs, and even The Beatles had a few songs that I thought "meh", but I still liked them - they just weren't great.

So, being that I can't be bothered to try figure out another "recentish" song for my Musical Monday, I figured I would put one of my favorite Beatles songs up, Come Together.

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