New Stuff!

My brain is a very strange lump of grey goo.  Some days, it works fine and dandy without any cause for concern, and sometimes even pulls out useful stuff.

OK, only sometimes.

Other days, it can be like trying to get a hamster to power a washing machine.  No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do to coax it, bride it, threaten it, it simply will NOT function.

Case in point - yesterday morning, we were laying in bed, Kellie was snoring and drooling on my chest as usual (Granted, this is 5.30am) and I was, as usual, wide awake with my brain doing it's thing.  I was mentally going over guest lists for the wedding and the engagement party, when I came to...

Well, let's say I came to a group of family members that will NOT be invited.  Two adults, and two kids.  OK, they're not kids any more, but none the less.  I got one of the adult names, his was easy, and I got the two kids names... But HER name, who has been a relative since the day I was born, who's name I SHOULD know.  Not a chance.  My brain was completely devoid of ANY guess at her name.

For two hours, I lay there, brow furrowed, trying to figure her name out.  There was no WAY on this planet I was going to text someone to ask for help.  Not a chance.  It got to the stage where I NEEDED to work it out for myself.  I tried running up the family tree, but her name was clearly fuzzed out by my brain.  I tried going through the alphabet, thinking of names beginning with each letter.

It wasn't until nearly 10am that my brain said "Ooooh OK then, here you go, her name is *hidden*" and I actually replied to it with a "Ahhhhh yes, thank you!"

So, aside from the fact I am clearly going nuts, my brain has another funny skill that it does to me most days, in that I will wake up with something in my head.  Usually, it's a song.  Sometimes, it's theme music, or a line from a book, or just something completely random.  In an effort to see what sort of crap my brain kicks out each day, I've taken to keeping track of it all.

In blog form, of course.

There's not much on there as yet - I've only been doing it a few days - and the content is going to literally just be "My brain is doing this today" and have a video, or a link, or the quote or whatever on there.

Go take a look at my "Stuck In My Head" blog to see just how random my brain can be!

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