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There are times in the life of this author, that things seem to get busy all at once. And I don't just mean a planned quiet morning ended up with a couple of hours of housework...  No, I mean everything seems to get busy all at once.

I would ask for forgiveness for the lack of blog posts of late, but I have genuinely been a busy little lad.  And, with that, I bring to you the advent of Even More News!

And no, she's not preggers!

Anyways.  After much deliberation and figuring stuff out, Kellie and myself have decided that, after a life sentence two and a half years together, we're going to move in together.  The biggest question was into which house.

Now, obviously we're trying to save up - first for our Engagement Party, and secondly for our Wedding.  Running two houses while trying to save money is probably not THE most productive plan ever.  So, we ended up sitting down for a couple of days working out which is best, my house or Kellies house.  We took everything into consideration; the kids, work, family, travelling, things to do, the future...

It took a while, but Kellie decided that it would probably be best that she moved into my house!  And, before the champagne corks of celebration start popping, hold fire.  We're not going to take our time, drag our feet and dilly-dally over this.  No Sir.  Four weeks.  That's how long we have to sift through two houses of "stuff", figure who has the better what, and see if we can offload the other stuff on others.

By the 12th December, my long-suffering fiancée will be in Basildon, the house will be jammed full of "stuff" and in amongst it all will be kids and pets.

No pressure then.

Also bare in mind, next weekend we're being taken out to dinner; the weekend after that is our Engagement, the weekend after that is Kellies Staff Xmas Do, and the weekend after that is moving weekend AND Jaysens 12th birthday.  And did I mention Kellie works?  Did I mention that not only does she work, but her Xmas Hours are even longer and harder than her usual hours?  And she has driving lessons? Plus kids need sorting and school runs...

So yes, before you start popping champagne corks and partying around the clock, come lift these boxes and give us a hand!

Oh, and please don't expect a Christmas Dinner invite from us...  If we're actually alive, our partying will consist of a tin of furniture polish, a nice fluffy duster, and some good old fashioned elbow grease!!

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2 Responses to “More News!”

Kim said...

Congrats! If I lived close I'd certainly come help, I know how hard moving is! Good luck to the pair of you xx

Posh Totty said...

Oh bugger, I am sorry I have been meaning to call you back and congratulate you both, I did get your message but I'm crap guys, sorry *grovel grovel*

Congratulations to you both and about time too ;o) hehe!!
I wish you both and the kids every happiness in your new family home.

I'd love to come help with the move, but I am safely tucked far away in Poshville, but I will come visit you both once its all done hehe!!