Stress Kellie

Those of you with Kellie on your Facebook page may have seen her status update this afternoon...  "What a horrid day. Going to need a stiff drink when I get home. Don't ever want to go through that again"

Now, it may come as some surprise that I was not to blame for this in any way, shape or form, so straight off, brownie points to me.  However, that doesn't stop Miss Kellie being stressed out her little tree.

Today, Kellie has been feeling mostly dead.  Tamsyn has some sort of germ lurking, and being that she loves Kellie to bits, has shared, so this morning when my dear sweet zombie fiancee fell out of bed, she wasn't feeling too great.  And headed to work.


The plan today was for me to trundle back to mine, get some painkillers, trundle to Kellie, drop them off, then trundle back to Canvey and do my housewife chores. 

As usual, making plans usually involves them going pearshaped, and I am pleased to say, today was no different.

At around half ten, I get a message from Kellie telling me she needed me at the shop as soon as I could get there - BUT the cow didn't say why.  So, there's me thinking "Armed Robbery" or "Crazy Naked Dude" or "I lost my pen" or something similar.

Shot to Basildon using a bus AND a train (because I could) and entered the shop to find a VERY stressed Kellie, and an equally stressed Diane (the long suffering manager that thinks Kellie is great, and that I am an arse).  No armed suspects, no naked dude, and her pen was in her pony tail.

Don't Ask.

Turns out "The Company" has had... shall we say, some monetary issues.  Now, the details of it I am probably not allowed to go into, but it's a case of the same group of people owning different companies, leasing their companies to one another, then apparently switching it all around when it suits.  And probably making legal stuff harder to chase.  Apparently, it's all legal and done a LOT, but none the less...

Turns out one of these companies owed someone a fairly impressive wad o' cash.  Even though this was at a different branch of the company, what I was greeted with was a man with a clipboard and a big "I Am a Bailiff" hat.  OK, not quite, but still.  The company had till midday to pay this man a very nice wad o' cash, or he closed the shop, and the shops stuff became HIS stuff.

With me so far?  Nope, me either.

So, midday rolls around, Management and Directors and Their Ilk are nowhere to be found or contacted, so with me there for Moral Support, the shutters go down, and the man starts seizing everything.  Diane and Kellie can only do as they are told as Mr Bailiff has a very pretty "This Is All Mine" court order.

The girls are stressed so far out of their trees it's not even funny.  Mr Bailiff gets the Stressed Girls to open the safe, because, as he puts it ever so eloquently, it's now HIS safe, and if they don't, 1) He'll just take the safe, and 2) He'll have them arrested for Breach of the Peace - and as the on-site security team pointed out, he CAN and WILL.

Here you go, one safe, open.  It was like a REALLY slow-motion robbery.

Now, FINALLY, the Management get on the phone, and guess what they do - tell off Diane (the shop boss) for letting him in the safe.  It's against the law and blah blah blah.  But his paper work says otherwise.  HIS stuff now.

So, over the next three hours or so, the man is on the phone - very professional and calm and so on - and being passed from Manager to Director to Finance Department and the Owners Dog and so on.

In the end, after taking every penny on the premises, he comes to an agreement with the management that the store can continue trading, the seized money will come off the company debt, BUT they have two days to pay the rest off.

Management, I should add, that are still shouting and screaming that it's all wrong.

So, he goes.  I'm sat reading over the legal stuff with the head security bloke, and it occurs to everyone that no one asked him for ID.  Oops.  Security get on the phone, have the guy watched and followed, and I'm actually sorry to say that he DID check out and wasn't jumped by the security team.


After working out how to get some money in the store, Kellie and Diane now reluctantly have to reopen the store, stressed out to the maximum.  One of the Directors phones up, and - get this - actually apologises to Diane and Kellie for the stress and hassle they've had today and even gave them a little "We're Sorry We're Twats" bonus.  nothing amazing, but still.  Thought that counts and all that.

Just before they reopen, all the paperwork Mr Bailiff needed arrives, and with me and the security bloke going over it - it looks like the company are actually in the RIGHT, and that the bailiff may have jumped his proverbial gun slightly... So the wad he took today, and all the charges and levies he slapped on top - all have to be returned and refunded to the company.

Now, I'm not a legal expert, and I can see what both the bailiff and the company are saying, but I personally don't give two craps which of them is wrong or right.  The stress the girls suffered today through no fault of their own - because had he seized everything the shop would have shut down and the girls would be out of work four weeks before Xmas.

I'd like to be able to say it's sorted and over with now, but in two days time, if it is not resolved, he WILL be back, and he WILL shut it all down.

So, please keep your fingers crossed that the Directors do sort their crap out, figure out who owes what, and make sure they don't stuff the staff up royally once again.


So, this evening, Kellie has her feet up, junk food and booze to hand, and is taking it easy before rolling back into work tomorrow!

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2 Responses to “Stress Kellie”

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

this year they are trading under the name of fum fuzion.