Running on Fumes

I am a tired boy. Very very tired would be a better description. I'm not sure why, I can only only imagine it's due to not sleeping very much ;)

I've always been an insomnia sufferer, but usually I have a rough couple of weeks, then a less-rough couple of weeks. However, of late I've just been having crap nights without the less-crap.

I suspect the constant aches and pain in my back and legs are one reason. My usual pain killers seem to be doing less and less, so I fidget around trying to get comfortable, but fail miserably.

And no, it's not stress, i'm not worrying about anything. Granted my mind is stupidly busy in the dead of night, but only with random stuff, nothing bad...If that makes sense!

On Monday, Kellie got me some Nytol. I don't really want to resort to sleeping tablets, but these are an over the counter remedy. Not expecting much, we got into bed, I popped a couple and got settled down for another night of starting at the ceiling...

I seem to remember waking up a  couple of times but not for very long. The next thing I know, it's just gone 10am. However, the Nytol package said you'll wake up feeling refreshed. I was still tired and felt really groggy. Turns out taking them with codiene can enhance the sedative effect.


Still, it was novel to sleep for a night. Once Friday rolls around, I'm going to take some again and try catching up with my sleep. All I need to do now is get my doctor to sort it some decent painkillers... Fingers crossed.

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