Aw Bless...

After 26 hours, Gemma finally got cuddles with baby Toby...  The in's and out's of everything with them at the moment is a bit... Frustrating, in the way they've been treated, but that's neither here nor there. 

Toby had his surgery yesterday and is recovering very well.  They've fixed the duodernal atresia (blockage between stomach and intestines), and they've sorted out his (newly discovered) malrotation.  All things being equal they are going to try little bits of feeding tomorrow to see how he tolerates it, and go from there.

Gemma is also doing very well, finally.  She was a poorly little thing thanks to the meds she was given during her c-section, and became the Puke Queen of London for about 24 hours.  Nice.  She's finally managed to stop emptying her belly onto her lap, and has had a shower (finally...) and has now managed to get Toby up for lots of cuddles.

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