The Tobester

For everyone asking, Toby is doing very well. He'll be in hospital for as long as he needs to be, which could be several days or a few weeks... It is literally a waiting game for Gemma & Pete now.

He is cute as a button (whatever that means!) but very very rude. He didn't say hello, he didn't say goodbye... Shocking behaviour. On the bright side, Kellie DIDN'T smack his bottom as she was threatening to do - I think he won her over with his personality ;) I'm also quite sure she's a big softy that was won over by his mop of dark hair and multitude of wrinkly bits...

Gemma is on the mend now as well, though I won't say how well she's looking nor how well she's bearing up... Every time I was nice to her she started crying, so up yours Gemma! She had her stitches out this morning, so was a bit sore, but she's poodling about a bit better now her gut isn't sticking out several feet... AND she can see her feet again!

Fingers crossed they'll all be home soon, but he is well on the road to recovery.

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One Response to “The Tobester”

Posh Totty said...

Awwww hes beautiful, well done Gemma and have everything crossed he can come home real soon Xxx