My name's Dan, and I'm a Wowholic. 

Not that I need to admit that - if you've been reading 0ddness for any length of time, or even KNOW me, then you will know that if I am playing computer games, then invariably, I am playing World of Warcraft.

In early December, Blizzard released the newest expansion, Cataclysm.  Short version for those that don't play - a big nasty dragon locked underground has popped out and pretty much thrashed the entire world.


With several new zones, most "original world" zones changed or revamped, and a heap load of new quests, I was really looking forward to playing.  However, with real life being what it is, I never got a chance to buy it on release day, and Kellie - who probably saw me fawning over it and talking about it - got it for me for Christmas.

Even though she knew it risked her becoming a WoW Widow.

I eventually managed to install it... Mid February.  THAT was when things were settled enough and in enough of a routine to actually sit and play.

And ohmygosh, I love it.  Not being one to generally go with the flow, I decided to finish off my quests in Icecrown (from the previous expansion) so by the time I was ready to start the new zones, I was already level 82.

The new zones are brilliant, and the looks of them are really really pretty.  Not being sure where I wanted to go first, I kinda let conversation with NPCs lead me, and ended up in Hyjal first (from the original Warcraft games), then onto Deepholm, Vashj'ir, Uldum and the Twillight Highlands.  NO idea if that was the "correct" order, but meh.  Of the lot, I would say Uldum and Twilight Highlands are probably my least favourite, but I still enjoyed them.  Uldum seemed to have waaay too many cut scenes for my liking, and Twilight Highlands (where I am about halfway through the quest line) is quite... Bland?

Hyjal is the land of the world tree, Deepholm is miles underground, Vashj'ir is underwater, Uldum is basically mythical Egypt, while the Highlands are.. Hills.  Grass.  Nothing to write home about, if that makes sense.

As for all the other new content - revamped zones, new races and suchlike - I've not really see much.  I've not started either of the new races, so haven't seen their new areas.  I've not really spent much time checking out all the revamped old stuff, save what I have seen flying through them, with the exception of the new-look Orgrimmar... Wow, very pretty, even if I cannot STAND the new warchief!  I might start a new character of some sorts, but I'm not sure.  I had a character cull a few weeks back and have gone from eight to four.

If you've not played WoW for a while (and are up to date on the previous expansions) then I really suggest you get Cataclysm and have a play through...

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