On The Doorstep

People, it would seem, are bloody nosey parkers. If something seems even the slightest bit out of place, they stare...

Yes folks, I am currently sitting on my front doorstep writing this.. Somehow while flying out the door first thing this morning, my routine of "Phone, Keys, Wallet, Tamsyn" skipped the keys part. Added to this, with Kellie feeling like shit and asleep in bed, I don't want to knock, and because my legs and back are screaming at me today, the thought of jumping over a neighbours fence just does NOT appeal.

Not that I mind - once again it's a beautiful day and I'm sat in the sun playing with my phone. Well, Blogging now...

So, my point of people being nosey. I'm sat, watching the world go by, and people see my tall, ominous form loitering at a door, and they just stare... Not even sneaky corner-of-the-eye staring but openly gawping at me.

You might argue that I am doing the same and, in fact, make a hobby of People Watching in order to have more blog fodder, but one, I don't openly stare, and two, I'm a blogger so it's acceptable ;)

You might think that they are concerned neighbours, but I know most of my close-proximity neighbours if only by sight. They might be people thinking I'm about to break in, but in that case, I'd expect the police to arrive and ask what I'm up to.

So, my only conclusion is that people are inherently nosey, prolly watching for my clothes to start sailing out an upstairs window, followed by records and a guitar, a woman shouting to go stay with the bitch... Or something.

So, here I sit in the now very-warm-on-my-legs sun, watching people watching me, listening to the birds and cars, waiting patiently because I'm a plank that forgot my keys.

Location : 2-27 Chittock Mead, Basildon, Essex SS14 1,
Posted on my HTC Desire HD (so apologies for strange formatting or random Predictive Typing spelling mistakes!)

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2 Responses to “On The Doorstep”

Kellie said...

Funniest thing is....if you had knocked I would have answered.... I was awake, in bed granted but awake... with the docs number on re-dial trying to get an appointment..... you doughnut.... xx

Lesley said...

Been there and done that Dan (forgetting keys that is). Was nice of you to consider Kellie and not want to wake her, but I've a sneaky feeling it was more the fallout you would get from waking her that stopped you knocking. Still I think it very good of you to wait patiently. I by nature am also a people watcher, it's great trying to work out what someone is doing/thinking just by watching them. I don't class myself as nosey, just curious lol.