Oh For Ffff...

I have never claimed - not honestly, anyway - to be a Manly man.  I might lark around, flex my "muscles" and suchlike, but for the most part, I'm just a fella.

However, it has to be said that while I might be the size of a gorilla but as tough as a spider monkey, I sound like a man.  I hate my voice, especially when (like today) I am tired and run down.  My voice is kind of nasally, bunged up, deep and dull.  It's my voice that ultimately put the kybosh on my thoughts of doing audio/video blogging.

However, as I say, my voice IS deep.  And, dare I say, manly.

So why is it when either Dom or Mollys school call, or someone expecting Kellie to answer the phone, WHY do they assume the deep manly masculine voice is HER?  Yesterday, Mollys school phoned, and bare in mind, I know the office staff and most of the teachers there, why is it that when I answered with my deep manly "Hellooooo?" the first sentence is usually, "Hello Ms Sherlock, it's So-and-So here..."

This morning, I called Doms school, expecting to leave a message and they answered the phone.  "Oh, hello, I need to report a child sick, Dominic Sherlock, Class Such-and-Such..." Her answer, after tapping into the computer?

"OK Mrs Sherlock, thanks for letting us know..."

However.  I am no longer correcting people.  If you want to think Kellie sounds like a six-ton gorilla, that's fine.  So I said "No worries, thank you, goodbye!" and put the phone down. 

They want me to be Kellie, then so be it.

I won't apologise for stretching her clothes now.

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