Some Funnies

Being that I've not posted properly for a while, I shall attempt to distract with various things I've been saving to blog - but took too long, so here's a wad of them for comedy purposes!

You'll prolly have to clicky to embiggen most of them, and if they offend you (with bad words I suppose!) then, erm... Click something else! hehe

Ahhh England...

I should get this blown up and mounted on the front door...

This is me on MANY occasions!!

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3 Responses to “Some Funnies”

Anonymous said...

Heya, where did you get the "insanity" pic with the pants on the head from? The chap who draws these characters keep having copyright issues.
If you could report it, that would be great.

Dan said...

Hey Sarah,
I couldn't even begin to guess where I got it from - I subscribe to so many lists and dump sites, it came from one of them somewhere. I don't think it was being passed off as someone elses work mind you, just posted much like I have done here - I literally see something funny, Right-Click, Save As...

Just googling the image name slapped up almost a dozen results in Photobucket alone:
Otherwise, I have no idea :D

soubriquet said...

Puddingbat: (great name, by the way) It strikes me that if 'azuphre' is worried about pictures being propagated on the web, then it's a good idea not to post them on the web.
It's what the web does, copying and propagating, and it's a bit precious to feel aggrieved about copyright violation in an instance like this.
Whilst the pic and caption are mildly amusing, it's likely that the only publication the artist could hope for is self-published, and/or free reproduction.
It's somewhat unlikely, I think, that any financial loss has occurred.