For the first time in almost a month, we are no longer living behind bars.  I'd like to say we committed some heinous crime and were banged up for a time, but sad to say it's nothing so fancy.  Over the last month, we've had our roof replaced, and where there are men working on high, there is scaffolding.

And where there is scaffolding, there are layers of planks of wood, and company boards and all the rest of the crap that goes with it.  Suffice to say, despite it only being wood and bars, the house was reeeeeally dimly lit.  Eight feet of shade from the top of the house (on either side) meant that it was gloomy throughout the house.

But today, after several weeks of random footsteps on the roof, of crashing, banging, a gentle rain of roof scraps and a near-constant smell of tarmac bubbling away, the men came and removed all the poles and planks and banners and crap.

I can actually see where I'm pissing on the floor now to boot!!

Other than living in the dark ages, we've been busy bees over the last few weeks.  Kellie of course has been working, leaving me to resume my role of Uber Housewife.  Of course, I've also restarted on the Amytriptyline, which has been interesting to say the least.  The first few days I was sparko for hours at a time, and did very little.  I've had lots of random side effects too, ranging from the world cascading from my bottom, to near-constant vertigo, shooting pains in my extremities, to zoning out at random.  Some weird dreams and some sicky feelings have rounded it all off, but I am coming to grips with them I think.


With a view to NOT killing myself, I've only been taking HALF a dose.  So all this has come about from taking just one of my two bedtime tablets.  I'm going to take the other in a few days I think, just to see what happens, but I HAVE been functioning somewhere... It's taken me a while to get into gear, and to focus on one job at a time, but I've been doing it no sweat.  Kellie has had to help out quite a bit, especially for the first few days, but I think I'm getting there.

Bonus, I'm kinda sorta sleeping a bit better, but downside, it's taking me ages to get up in the morning, let alone to engage the brain. We shall see how it goes I think.

Today I've been pottering around, dismantled a couple of wardrobes, cleared up, moved stuff for the workmen to take the scaffolding through the house, cleared up after them, done some laundry, and have dinner on now, and I am sad to say I am exhausted. I am completely done in.  It's been a long weekend, so I've had Kellie with me helping out for the last few days, but thankfully, it's only one child at the moment.  Molly is here with me, Tam and Jaysen are back tomorrow, and Dom isn't back till Sunday. 

In wedding-related news, after speaking with the family, Kellie has asked her Grandad to give her away.  We went over there on Saturday and had lunch with him, and after a good old chin-wag putting the world to rights, Kellie asked him if he would be willing and able to give her away on our big day.  He was very impressed and after being sure her dad didn't mind (we spoke to him earlier in the week, and he was fine!) he said yes.

Kellie has now bought a wedding planner kit, and is going through it with "oooh we have to do that" and "ooooh we have to do this" and colours, seating, flowers, bridesmaids, page boys and on and on.  I'm in "Yes Dear" autopilot mode, so it is quite likely I've agreed to me wearing a very pretty dress.  Not that people would be at all surprised I'd imagine... Two years just seems to very far away.  Who knows, maybe we'll win the lottery and bring the date forward*

So, after a busy day, my body is giving me a good and proper telling off.  I'm tired, sore, fed up of being tired and sore, and I have a headache to boot.  So it's Jack Daniels and Coke tonight! Wheeee!

Now, if you will excuse me, my sausage casserole and roast potatos are nearly done.

*Must buy lottery tickets.

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