Weight Loss and Life!

I am happy to report another weight loss since starting Slimming World!  Yes, if you've not seen on my Facebook, or on the other blog, I lost another 3.5lbs this week, bringing me down to 18st 3.5lb.  My total loss in two weeks has been 9.5lbs, which I am quite happy with.

On top of this, I got an award for losing my first half a stone, and also got awarded the clubs Slimmer of the Week which I am really happy about!  Still, between Kellie, the group, and all my friends (real life and Facebook!) spurring me on, I think I've worked bloody hard for it.

Of course, the group leader wants me to aim for my first One Stone loss next week, which means I have to lose at LEAST 4.5lbs... Which is only one and a half more than last week I suppose... I didn't make any promises - I am NOT setting myself goals, as I'll only get pissed off when I fail to reach them - but I will be trying for it.

I collected my two new cooking books and my food directory today as well, so I've got a load of new recipes to try (one of which I am cooking right now), and my food directory so I can check on Syn values and suchlike as and when I need to.

I can't say whether or not I feel any different - I've had a VERY rough couple of days, being completely exhausted, and yesterday it was all I could do to get out of bed, let alone cook and plan a dinner.  BUT I still did a healthy dinner, even if it was just chicken and potato wedges with a salad.

In other news, the laptop is all back and better now, so hurrah for the little things! Turns out some wiring had come away in which I still say is a crappy design - the electrical joint is attached to the hinge of the screen, so moves every time you open or close it - I suppose time and use has just worn it out, but it's all better now!

Tomorrow is going to be a BIG DAY too, Kellie and myself are going out to see someone about something, so will post that tomorrow, maybe!

Other than that, all is good, including the weather. Was going to have a moan about something but can't be arsed at the moment, so will save that for another day!

EDIT: Oh yes, forgot to add - mention the Great Lentil Escapade in the class... Turns out, for four people, you should cook as it says, but as they are dried lentils, you only need...

150g maximum.

Yes, I used 500g.  Hence the Lentil Volcano.  If I ever see that Granny again, she's going to get a bag of lentils poured down her throat!!

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One Response to “Weight Loss and Life!”

Unknown said...

You're trying to get rid of it, I'm trying to put it on. Nobody's ever happy. LOL