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Yesterday, you may recall, I put out a call to my friends on Twitter & Facebook that, if they wanted their blogs listed on here, just to let me know.

A few people gave me their blog addresses, and I'm kinda sorta glad it wasn't too many, as it occurred to me there was a good chance I'd end up buried under a stack of blogs.  It also occured to me, that I could share the blogs I read in Google Reader as well.

If you look to the sidebar where there was once a VERY long list of Blogs I Read, you will notice that very long list is now not so long. I have no qualms with that.  I was a little bit sad to delete blogs that have been on there for years and years, but some had been deleted, some had been locked to private, and some hadn't been updated for months or years.

Snippity Snip, indeed.

So, with things tidier than my back garden once again, I have a few more links for you to have a lookie-see-peek at :D
Sharing Stories: I know a lot of Heart Parents, and quite a few of those have children with learning difficulties and other associated "Conditions".  This blog is a mum that discovered her daughter has a rare deletion (1q21.1) and Autism.  VERY powerful and shows what a lot of parents have to do on a daily basis in order to keep their child living a normal life.

Suburban Mum: Much like me, she blogs pretty much whatever she fancies at the time... She's just made a sodding brilliant wedding cake too! Go say howdy ;)

Insomniac Medic: A Paramedic working in London, this blog shows how these guys and gals slog day and night to keep us safe - and how many people really do just waste their time.

So, go pop on over and say hullo to these wonderful people.

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3 Responses to “More Twitterers & Bloggers”

Adullamite said...

I often look through others blog rolls. It does say something about the one running the blog and I found lots of interesting things while doing this. Always worth a look.

InsomniacMedic said...

Hey Dan, Just wanted to say thanks for the link! Am catching up now on reading your blog too... :)

Suburban Mum said...

I have literally only just seen this! Thank you for the linky! xx