Yay Summer!

The weather this summer has - to coin a phrase, sucked. I know there are people out there that don't like the sun, and these are the people that piss and moan about how hot and sweaty they are... There are others, like me, that hate the cold and the damp because it hurts. The last few weeks have been grey, miserable and crappy, and the knock-on effect of this, is that my back, my legs, my hands all scream in constant agony.  I don't mind when it's cold, frosty, snowy or whatever - proper cold isn't too bad - it's this weather I hate.

The second knock-on effect is the kids.  Being that it's "summer" and the kids have been off school, they've been pretty much trapped in the house, bored.  Making plans to take them out ends up on a budget isn't easy, when the weather is crap.  "Oh, just take them to such-and-such place, it's only a tenner per kid!" some people will say....

And that's great.  Four kids, plus two adults, plus getting to where-ever the place is... A "cheap day out" invariably ends up costing a small fortune.

I've been taking the kids to the park, the forest, and generally out and about, but pretty much every time we've been out, we've been rained on.  So I end up cold and damp, end up in pain, and end up out of action for several days.

We DID have a really nice week or so - back in April, just before Easter.  It was hot, sunny, blue skies... We went out and about, and had a lovely time, and I thought "Wow, maybe this bodes well for the summer" but after that, it went downhill.  We've had a couple of nice days since then, but for the most part, it's been very "meh"

I'm hoping that the last week and a bit of the holidays is a bit nicer, but looking at the weather, it's going to get worse over the next few days! Brilliant!


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2 Responses to “Yay Summer!”

Adullamite said...

Ah yes, folks with too much money thinking £10 is cheap! I know them! The weather sucks but it is the UK and it is always like this. There will be sun next week.....maybe.....

GreenCastle said...

Tell me about it! We took the Children out to Duxford for a 'cheap' day out as Kids get free entry... Think the day cost nearly £100 all in!

So we went to London and did the Natural history Museum, took the car as trains are too expensive for 6 of us. Car park cost £30 and it was hot, I think we spent about another £30 just on water!

As for the weather, yip its England, welcome to summer! I loved the fact we had flood warnings yesterday... think its time to move!