Kellie And Her Kards

As I have alluded in the past, Kellie is what I call crafty.

Aside from possibly being a spy and/or secret agent, what I actually mean is that when it comes to Arts & Crafts, she is quite happy looking at types of paper (I know! Paper comes in TYPES now!) or deciding which coloured sticky-choking-hazard she's going to attach to something and so on.

A while back, I set her up a little blog and finally, after much umming and arring about it (and buying her several strange gizmos that are just evil devices of torture) she is branching out into the big wide world of Card Making.

Her blog is over at Kellies Kards, and while she's only just getting started, she will be taking orders and making cards to order.  She's worried her cards are amateurish and suchlike, but I just kick her when she poo-poo's herself.

Toddle on over, say howdy, and see what she's got. If you're also a crafty sort (of the art-variety, not the spy) then she is happy to hear your advice, techniques and suchlike.

And for those of you that HAVEN'T seen the irony in Kellie owning TWO blogs when one was neglected for so so long, I will let you dwell on that now :D

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