Movie Night!

After having a pretty busy, rushing-around-like-a-mad-thing and somewhat stressful week, Kellie and myself decided last night to have a proper chill-out night.  We got the kids (only two this weekend!) settled in their rooms, and opted for the holy trilogy of a good night in.

The first item was a bottle of Jägermeister. We got into this Fathers-Day-Before-Last, and couple with some Red Bull, we had some rather lovely Jäger-Bombs. The second item on the list was a Chinese Takeaway. We really could not be arsed to cook so opted for the delivered food. The last item on the list was a good movie.

We have lots of movies on our "To Watch" list, but last night, we needed something entertaining and of the "comedy" genre. Over the last couple of years, I've been slowly getting Kellie to watch movies that are out of her "Safe Zone" and while they might not be future classics, they are movies I'm sure she'll enjoy.  It took months of badgering to get her to watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but she watched - and, more importantly, enjoyed, both films.

Kick-Ass, then, was our film of choice. I've had it a while, but as soon as you use the words "Super" and "Hero" with Kellie, her eyes kinda glaze over and a little ooze of drool makes an appearance in the side of her mouth. Aside from the Batman movies, I also managed to get her to watch - and again, enjoy - Watchmen a while back, so figured another "Grown Ups" Super-Hero movie would be good.

Now, I know there are some of you out there that only know of Kick Ass thanks to it's "controversy" when it was released. I however, don't care if an 11-year-old actress uses the most unholy of all swear words. No, it's not a nice word, but it IS amusing.

So, snuggled down, full tummies, we watched the film.

To say we laughed would be an understatement. To say it's NOT for kids is most certainly a given. But I can honestly say we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The little girl swearing was highly amusing to us - and we can differentiate between "Movie" and "Real Life" so I think we're safe.

Another added bonus to the film was the soundtrack. I'll often watch something and think "Oooh I like that song, and I like that one too" but every now and then the soundtrack is bloody excellent and with the occasional exception I love every song they play. So today, we're queuing up the songs while we sit and chill out!

If you've not seen it and don't mind violent, sweary, action Super Hero movies, then we highly recommend it. It is a fast-paced, action-packed type... Lots of fight scenes, bloody, swearing, flashing lights, guns, swords... And an 11 year old girl that kills and swears too! The soundtrack is well worth a listen too - and currently, we have the Original Score playing as well!

Tonight - being Sunday, a work/school night, we are watching something else, but it's Kellies choice tonight. I'm trying to nudge her to see the 1946 version of Dickens' Great Expectations which she has somehow never seen nor read... I only emphasis this, because she's well read with the classics of Dickens, Shakespeare and that sort of thing. It only came up during the week while - of all things - watching South Park. An episode featuring the English kid Pip came on, and it was "his story" which was just Great Expectations - so we turned it off so Kellie didn't see any actual story spoilers!

Anyways... I am still on my break from Facebook, I'm pottering on Twitter here and there, I didn't get hit by a satellite (another blog entry entirely!) and am currently waiting for some painkillers to do what they say on the tin after two days of gardening. Front AND Back...


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