Musical Monday #109 - Running Up That Hill

Quite often, I hear a song "remade" and think... Well, I usually think very derogatory things. Especially if it's a song that I used to love.  Now I'm getting old and decrepit more mature, I find that songs from my yoof are being "remade".

And by "remade" I mean "butchered" and used in the loosest possible way they can use the music.  It makes me a sad sad panda.

However, every now and then, I DO find a remake of a song that I quite like. More often than not - and in this case - I hear a nothing more than a brief snippet of the song.  LUCKILY when I heard this one, I was within arms reach of my good friend, Mr Google. Of all places, I heard it on an advert for the Military History channel.

I'm under no illusions that a lot of you will hear this version of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill and run screaming crying "Why Lord Why?! Oh the humanity!" or similar. But I like to think that some of you will actually think "Oooh that IS good!"

Placebo - Running Up That Hill

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2 Responses to “Musical Monday #109 - Running Up That Hill”

Justin said...

Glad I jogged your memory of this one...but one has to mention...Military History Channel? :D

Dan said...

Hehe no no, I wasn't watching the Military History Channel, it was an advert for it! I don't think I could handle watching such a thing. My brain would up sticks and leave!