Musical Monday #111 - Kanada's Death Part 2

Once again, I am afraid I have to do Musical Monday with a Kick-Ass (movie) piece of music.  Like last week, I posted waaay in advance, so now, three weeks later (for you), it's still only one day since we saw it! hehe

This, however, isn't just from Kick Ass, and it's not so much a "song" as a bloody haunting bit of music.  I absolutely love it, and it was going to be last weeks track, but Mika won that coin toss.

This is the sort of track I love - I can't even explain WHY or what it is about it... There's a track from one of the Doctor Who episodes that I love, in a similar sort of vein, but couldn't say WHY I like it so much.

Apparently, it was originally from the movie Sunshine (which I have never seen), but it was reused in a scene in Kick Ass which is a slow-motion distressing/emotional rescue... Slow motion gun-shots trying to save lives... The scene is heart-wrenching, but this track just adds to it.

The first video here is just the music, John Murphey - Kanada's Death Part 2 (Adagio in D Minor):

The second video is the actual scene from the movie. DO NOT watch this then moan at me about people being shot and stabbed. The music kicks in properly from when the fire starts and goes from there.  Absolutely brilliant.

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