Damn You, Biddies!

I'm currently stood on a bus. I WOULD have been sat, but in typical Me vs. Pensioners style, I just got beaten in one of their twisted games.

I dropped Tam off at school and headed to the bus stop to return home. Being that there was no one else there, I sat on the bench and waited knowing.g full well the bus would be late. As I air, others joined me, some sitting, some standing. Eventually, the bench was full.

Cue the coffin dodgers. Being that I have manners, whenever a old folk turns up, I let them sit. So a doddery old man turns up, he gets my seat. It's simple manners.

Now I am stood beside the old bloke. Cue more oldies, who want to chat to him, so I shift back so they can stand beside him. Now I'm at the end of the bench. Then more arrive and want to talk to the others, so I move again.

Now I'm at the far end of the bus stop. The bus arrives, and despite being first there, I'm now stood so far away, every other person barges on to the bus - old doddery man let's his cronies on first!

These old folk, they're happy to shout blue murder  if you even attempt to be rude to them, but they are easily one of the rudest groups around...

Location : 38-56 Long Riding, Basildon, Essex SS14 1,
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