Musical Monday #117 - When The Rush Comes

Music has always influenced my mood, or helped me to relax. It has to be said though, that the same music doesn't always have the same effect on me though. Sometimes, I need slow, peaceful music to chill out, other times, random Dance/Trance music helps me relax. Some nights, rock music might help me drift off, other times, it'll be white noise.

My body just likes to keep me on my toes I think.

Irrigardless, I've had a busy week, a stressful weekend, and today, I've been a very very busy boy - to the point I know when a certain fiancee gets home, I'm going to get in trouble.  Lucky for me, I have plenty of hiding places.

Sat chilling, I've gone through various music-types, and have settled on dance music for the chill-out theme for today. I can live with that. I have no idea why this one in particular sticks in my mind, but it has done.  It also has to be said, that I have several versions of this very same track (as it the case with Dance music) but this is the one I am posting. Paul Oakenfold - When The Rush Comes

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7 Responses to “Musical Monday #117 - When The Rush Comes”

The Sween! said...

Love this song! Always gets a rewind in the car (as well as the bass goes up a couple of notches)!

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