Where Do You Do It?

Being that I, The Great Misogynist Dan, have managed to off the missus for a while, I have, I discovered, been tagged over on Pink Oddys blog.

Actually, I should start over. For, you see, when I say I have "off'd the missus" what I actually mean is, I have run her a nice deep bubbly bath, lit the worlds supply of candles, plied her with cool alcohol, and left her in a little ceramic tub of relaxation.

Which is another way of saying, I'm killing time till she is relatively well broiled in her own juices. Which sounds wrong, now that I think about it.

Anyway. Tangent.

I have bee tagged in the Where Do You Do It? style of meme. 

Now, personally, because I am THAT good, I actually do it everywhere. Generally, I do it on the sofa once I'm done with the housework and want to chill out or let off steam during the day. Other times, I do it on the kitchen work surfaces if I am waiting for something on the hob or whatever. I've been known to do it in the loo, on the stairs, in the back garden - even when I am out in public.

Thanks to having a computer, a laptop and a smart-phone, I am pretty much able to do it anywhere. I am, of course, talking about blogging.

Wait, you thought... Oooh you dirty so-and-so.

Yes folks, because I am in the 21st Century, I am mobile, and blog either on my laptop - using the Blogger in Draft GUI, or on my desktop computer which is in the bedroom. Otherwise, using the very handy-dandy Blogaway app, I can blog where-ever my phone is with a decent signal. I'm actually capable of writing a blog post while walking through a shopping center, through dark streets at night, or sitting on the bus killing time.

With my laptop, I will blog anywhere in the house except the bathroom - moisture in the air is bad MmmKay. But I've sat on the stairs, the bog, the kitchen side, various household floors, the bedroom - I am not fussed. I will also use the mobile phone to blog if laying in bed in the dead of night so as not to disturb Kellie.

Because I'm nice like that.

So there we have it, tag complete :)

I hereby tag any of you that feel inclined to share!

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