Musical Monday #119 - Have You Ever Seen The Rain

While you might have me confused for someone that is young, hip, cool and totally with it, I do, on occasion, enjoy older music. "Proper Music" as some of you oldies would refer to it. Most of us young'uns generally experience this sort of music via movies about Vietnam or when an old relative is blowing dust off a black plastic circle and sitting it on a spinning plate.

But I digress. This is usually the part where I say how much I like the band, or the song or whatever. Granted, I do like this song - I love it in fact - but the band? Aside from going to Wikipedia and reading up on them (which I am obviously not doing) I know precisely bugger-all about them. I'm also not sure I could name another of their songs.

But this one I like. Ad the answer to the song title is "Yes, I live in England. Duh."

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain

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One Response to “Musical Monday #119 - Have You Ever Seen The Rain”

Anonymous said...

Proud Mary (as covered by Tina Turner), Bad Moon Rising? Never heard of those? Great tracks!