Musical Monday #121 - Hey Santa Claus/Ho Ho F$ckin' Ho

First things first: These two songs contain very strong language. If you think you'll be offended, don't listen!

Secondly, there is a very strong possibility that everyone has already heard these songs at least ONCE in their lives. See, these songs, as offensive as they are considered, are bloody funny. And, with Christmas being too bloody close only a few days away, I decided I would put up a couple of Christmas tunes. I COULD have done it in August/September, but decided I would leave it till Xmas was actually CLOSE.

Kevin Bloody Wilson - I first heard him when I was about 13, and a tape of his songs was passed around the school. Take it home, make a copy, pass it on. Everyone did it, everyone knew the words to all his songs within a week, and every parent that heard it was mortified - despite knowing the songs themselves and knowing all the words too.

Ho Ho F$cking Ho

Hey Santa Claus

No complaining about the lyrics, you've already been warned ;)

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