Weather Solidarity

In light of the devastation faced in Scotland by Hurricane Bawbag, may I share my sympathies with you. After our serious weather warnings last night, we woke up to find our garden destroyed.

Our thoughts are with you all in these trying times.

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4 Responses to “Weather Solidarity”

Jampot said...

Ooh Noo S'odders...I'd say your weed reduction measures and border controls were the disaster in this snapshot.



Dan said...

hehe well I WOULD go out there, but it's wintertime now so the garden can fester away ;) I'm not a great gardener, but when it's done it's all good. Well, better ;)

Adullamite said...

You've gone to pot!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you have a white picket fence!

Michelle @ Farmers Wifey