0ddness is, for want of a better description, my little nook of the Internet. It is something that, while I don't always use it, it's MINE, my own little thing for me to do as I please on here.

I occasionally think about doing something to make money with it, or using it as a place to churn out my creative writing ideas, or as a place to properly rant and rave about various things, but in the end, I decide I love my little blog as it is. I'm not hugely worried about visitor numbers (though would like more comments so I know people are ACTUALLY reading!), I don't think it'd ever make money, and I don't think 90% of you would give two figs reading about fantasy-adventure type stuff.

So, this morning, imagine my surprise and I have to admit, horror, when She Of The Posh Persuasion sent me a message telling me my site was showing nothing but a little text, and a picture of a dog...

"Bwa-huh?" may have been the actual sound that fell out of my mouth when I read that message. So, even as I was in the process of putting down my phone, loading Firefox and clicking on my link, She Of The Short Persuasion sent a similar message, but HER messaged used the work "Hacked"

Now, instead of "Bwa-huh?" it was more "shitshitshitshitshit" thinking someone had gotten into my stuff and possibly deleted said-stuff.

I clicked on my link to take me to 0ddness, and imagine the feeling of my heart falling down through my body, bumping into every other organ on the way down to my feet when 0ddness was displaying like so:

While in the process of dropping into my toes, my brain - which, let's be honest, has been dozing of late - woke up and stopped the heart mid-Geronimo. "Duh -" said my Brain "-that's James' dog..." James being of the He Who Kicks Boxes And Burglars Given The Chance.

See, during the Great Gimme Gizmo Rant of 2011 and the subsequent Great Censoring of 2011, James got me to switch from a shitty company over to another that actually defend their customers to voice their opinions without fear of getting smacked bums. Being that he already had an account, we just slapped 0ddness, KelliesWorld, Kellies-Kards and our not-yet-done Wedding Blog over to 1and1.

Now, from what I could gather was that something was changed this morning - according to the WhoIs records. The Posh One thought I had renewed the blog, but it's not due for renewal till next year. However, WhoIs showed that it had been "updated" today.

The only thing I could see different was the Name Servers. Now, I am NOT particularly great with Domains, DNS and such like, but after switching away from Shitty Company, the blog Name Servers remained wedged firmly with the original company, and not 1and1.

Very 0dd.

However, upon checking the morning (and I don't check very often) they were now showing 1and1 name servers. Huzzah.

However, in my huzzah'ing, it would appear that this was the root of the issue. And I had to re-do all the DNS stuff. On James' account. Where he appears to host proper websites. The sort that make money. That have customers.

No pressure then.

So, I went through, did the step-by-step and got it sorted. 1-24 hours to notice a change though. Great. 0ddness would be down for a while.

All day, I've been CTRL+F5'ing the page, refreshing the page from the host as opposed to the cache, and finally, just before 3pm, 0ddness came back to life. I got on Twitter & Facebook, and had the Great Unwashed check for me from their side, and apparently, it's all back and up and happy.

And I am now breathing sighs of relief. Granted, it's only 0ddness & KelliesWorld that has come back on so far, but I'm sure the others will sputter back into functionality sooner rather than later.

Now I've just double checked, and the Wedding Blog and KelliesKards are also back online. Huzzah once more!

I'm glad people noticed, though. I'm glad someone pointed out to me there was a problem with the blog. I know my readership (Ha! Readership...) are quite loyal and will point out when something is broken, but I'm glad it was done quickly.

Just after 1100 this morning, it was working fine. Adullamite was on there, read my Musical Monday, commented, done. 1150, Posh messages me, dog on your site, followed rapidly by Em for the same reason.

As a sidenote and addendum to this post, this happening is actually GOOD news... Why?

Because it now means my Domain Name is firmly OFF of Shitty Company's servers, computers, records and everything else...


It means that all my previous Gimme Gizmo/DRW posts are going BACK on the blog. It means that all your comments, all the people that took the time to message me - they are all going BACK on the blog.

I get regular visits from people searching for information on Gimme Gizmo/DRW, and now the company that tried to censor me is out of the picture, they are going back on there.

Later, though, because it is taking every ounce of energy to write this coherently! hehe

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