Musical Monday #127 - I Don't Want To Wait

My brain. For the most part, I quite like my brain. Granted, it might be full of strange ideas, 0dd thoughts, random musings, stupid questions, and a Speak-Before-Thinking attitude on a hair trigger, but generally, I like it.

Except on days where it goes into overdrive on the Earworm. More often than not, Musical Monday is about a song I either like or dislike, a new one or an old one. Occasionally - and, apparently, quite regularly of late - Musical Monday has been about the Earworm.

The main reason, is that with the same song rattling around over and over and over afore-mentioned brain, it's very hard to think of any other song to slap on the blog.

Now, my Earworm has a habit of pulling up songs from my past. Old songs I loved, old songs I couldn't figure out, old thing, however, that I've listened to consciously.

But not today.

Today, my brain is playing a song I must have heard at some point, but I don't know when, especially as it was from a TV series I NEVER watched. Not ever. Not even once to see what it was like. I know precisely nothing about it, except that it (possibly) contained a Creek that belonged to a person named Dawson.

And had lots of floppy-haired American teens running around (minus the mad stabby-stabby-murderer, sadly)

I never watched it, I never listened to it's soundtrack, I never had any interest in it what-so-ever. Just like all the other shows like it or similar to it, it held zero appeal for me. As for the song, as I say, I know I've heard it in the past, but not often and not that I had any real feelings towards it - before today, had you said "Do you like Paula Cole" I would have replied with "Bu-eeeer-ha-mmm Who?" before Googling it. I had to find out this morning who sung it by entering the BLOODY LYRICS PLAYING IN MY HEAD. A song I have barely heard, by a person I've never heard of - yet I know the entire chorus lyrics well enough to slap them into a search engine.

So quite WHY Paula Cole - I Don't Want To Wait is in my head today, I have no sodding idea. But it is officially driving me nUtS!

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