Sleepy Time #3

Third Night. It's just after 11pm, and as she has work tomorrow, Kellie is tucked up in our bed getting her sleep in. As per my sleep restriction, I'm not allowed in bed for another three hours.

It's a very strange feeling, it has to be said. For as long as we've been sharing a bed, when one says "I'm tired, time for bed" the other has followed. There has been no agreement spoken at any point in time, we've never set it as a rule, but it's always existed. So for Kellie to be going to bed, and me to come back downstairs and do my own thing...

Yeah, it's 0dd.

This morning was tough. I mean properly tough on me as I was very tired. I actually thought I posted on the blog this morning, but apparently not. And there is part the-first for toughness. After just two nights, my memory is a bit "off kilter". This morning, I went to get a drink from the kitchen, opened the cupboard door for a glass, only to be confronted by jars and tins. THAT is approximately where the glasses used to be kept before my kitchen was ripped out an replaced 18 months ago. But, to get the juice, I went to TWO different places - the wrong cupboard first, and then the place on the side where I used to keep it.

As mentioned before, my bodyclock is screwed, but if anything, I've confirmed that I appear to be wired more as a "night person" as opposed to a "day person" As mentioned, today was tough as I have been exhausted all day. I nodded off while standing at the sink. Now, dozing off at random isn't new to me, but while washing up, THAT'S new! I've been like that all day, right up till 7pm or so when I just sort of woke up. Don't get me wrong, I've been "awake" all day, but I've been tired-awake, but once it was sort of night time proper, the tiredness slipped away.

 I can't say for sure if my moods are worse than usual, the few times I've wanted to shout at someone, I've just wandered off and said nothing, but only because I am aware that I am a cranky-tired person, and don't want to scream bloody murder at someone for leaving a sticky fingerprint on a light switch (that's an example, it hasn't happened, I should point out - I'm not THAT unreasonable!)

So, here I sit with a bloody ticking clock in the corner chilling out, and for the first time since I can remember, I'm actually thinking "I want to go to bed" which has to be a good thing. Last night - only night two remember - I took ages to get to sleep again, and was awake a good while before the alarm went off, so I would be surprised if I had more than two/two-and-a-half hours sleep last night. Hopefully tonight I will get as much of the four hours in bed as sleep as possible.

And I know that last sentence makes no sense, but I can't word it any other way. Yesterday, I spent an hour trying to work out if "Ignited" was a word, and the more I used it, the less sense it made...

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