And Another!

Once again, here at Chez 0ddness we are celebrating yet another birthday!

Despite still clearing up after another, today not only a birthday, but it is a transitional birthday from single to double digits!

Today, Molly is ten!

Yes folks, the wee little blonde that I only met a few years ago has grown up very rapidly, and has mysteriously crept up from being an ickle six year old to a two-figure little girl.

The last birthday - Dom's 14th - was enough of a punch to the stomach that I thought Kellie wouldn't feel old, but on realising Molly is now ten, I think Kellie is about ready for her comfy chair in the retirement home, and some special underwear to prevent leakages.

But I digress (as usual)
Our Dear (Not So Little) Molly,
Happy Birthday little lady! I can't believe that you're ten already, it really doesn't seem that long ago that you were look up into the clouds to focus on my face looming above you when we first met. I was worried how you would take me after your mum and I started dating, but it wasn't long till you were sitting on the sofa with me with one of your books...

And now look at you. Your mum often comments about how you ask ME for help, ask ME if you can do something, go somewhere, or have something. I'm sure she doesn't mind really, but you know what she's like ;)

I know it's not all been easy and plain sailing for you to accept some of the changes, but you've taken each one in your stride and done very well, and even with the rubbish stuff you've had to deal with in the past, you've accepted it and moved on.

As I've said to you before when we've been sat down chatting about something, if ever you need help, if ever you want to talk about something or have a problem with something, you can always sit with me and discuss it, and I will do my utmost to help you out and make things right.

Now, if you could stop growing like a weed, that'd be great!

I hope you have a brilliant day beautiful. Happy Birthday :)

Lots of love,

As with Dom's birthday, I don't have a massive selection of photos to slap up for embarrassment purposes, but I have enough ;)

"I can stay up late at a party... ZzzZzzZzzZzz"

First Day at her new school

Molly (centre) posing... As usual

She might be bright sometimes, but occasionally, you gotta wonder...

Molly (right)... er... posing...

And again, Molly, posing... Sense the theme?

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2 Responses to “And Another!”

chickenruby said...

I know how you feel my eldest turns 20 in may and youngest 13 in April I've also got a 17yo. I don't feel old enough for this much responsibility lol

Dan said...

hehe luckily we're not that far along yet... 14,13,10 and 6 (nearly 7) and there is no WAY I am responsible enough for anything... I can't prevent ME getting into stupid situations, let alone the kids :D