Hoppy Burpday!

Almost four years ago, after managing to convince Kellie that I was actually a really nice guy, and that she should date me, I managed to capture her as my own. In doing so, I also captured Dominic & Molly, who back THEN were pretty much wee ickle kiddies.

Molly would have been six, and Dominic was nine.

Aw bless.

Today, however, time has done it's thing, and now Molly is 9, and Dominic (as of eight-something tonight) is 14.

Now, where I've only known them a few years, I see a nine year old and a fourteen year old. Kellie, however, sees a nine year old and a Holy-Shit-How-Do-I-Have-A fourteen year old.  Which (for some of us) is highly amusing.

In light of Dom being a year older, I decided now is the time to start writing HIM a birthday message too. Mainly because he probably won't see it as he doesn't check 0ddness that often, but additionally, it's what I do.

Plus, coming up, embarrassing photos!
I know I've only been in your life a few years, and I know sometimes I can be a bit of a Step Dad, but I like to think I bitch and moan at you as much as I bitch and moan at Jaysen. Fair's fair, after all ;)

In the time I've known you, you have grown up REALLY fast, and even in just-under four years, you've dealt with some pretty grim crap. Not least, gaining Shrek for a step-dad.

The way you have gone from strength to strength - especially since dealing with a change of schools - is bloody impressive, and you should feel proud of how well you have done with everything, especially your school work. On top of this, you're growing up into a smart, socially-adapt young man (which is a scary thought, especially for your mum!) even if you don't have a shred of common sense ;)

Carry on the way you are, you're doing brilliant, and your mum and I are both proud as anything to see you grow in every aspect of your life.

Happy Birthday Dom, I hope you have a great day!

(The Wicked Step Father)

And now... Pictures! Lucky for Dom, I don't have a huge selection... I'm saving the ones of him wearing womens clothing for blackmail purposes.

That;'d be his MUMS coat...

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2 Responses to “Hoppy Burpday!”

GreenCastle said...

Happy Birthday Dom!!

Thats not being a wicked step father Dan, if you were, you would have posted the ones in the girls dress and the ones with him in the bath!


PinkOddy said...

How lovely is that. Time passes so quickly doesn't it.