Sleepy Time #17

You may have noticed the posting here on 0ddness has been a little sporadic this last week, and with good reason.

I am tired.

Now, before anyone jumps the gun, wiggles their finger and yells "HA!" at me, it is NOT the Sleep Restriction that is causing it. Well, it is but it isn't, if that makes sense.

For just over a week, I have been on the new allowance of 12am-6am, but it's not been easy for various minor reasons.

First off, last week in a real show of applying ones palm to ones face, I miscalculated my meds, and just after five in the afternoon on Friday, I realised I had six painkillers left. Oopsie Daisy.  Then Mother Nature, realising this and realising that I'm constantly bashing her brain in with a stick, decided to have a little payback and dumped a whole six inches of snow across Basildonia early Sunday.

Now, this doesn't sound that bad - except that I had to walk the kids back to their mums. With the roads covered in a little snow, Britain did what it does best, and ground to a halt. So, it was walk them back.

Normally, I get them back to Jo in about 50 minutes (Jaysen being the slower of the two - Tam has always managed to keep pace with me!), and then 30-40 minutes for me to get back home. This day, however, due to pain levels (out of meds, remember) and trying to plod through snow, it took me three and a half sodding hours.

And did I mention the cold gets right into me and makes my pain levels fly through the roof?

So Monday through to Wednesday, I was in excrutiating pain. Most nights I lay in bed quietly sobbing to myself, feeling sorry for myself... I got my new prescription Tuesday, and it took a couple of days for things to get back to "Normal"

Of course, the pain levels Friday through to Wednesday/Thursday meant my nights have been messy. Not anywhere near like they used to be, but since starting the sleep restriction, I have been going to bed and staying asleep. This week, not one night has gone by where I haven't woken up at least twice. If not pain, then random crap on my mind, just nagging at me.

I need to blog more, I think that's the key. I've always said 0ddness is my outlet.

So anyway, if it carries on, I may have to jump an hour backwards, and return to 1-6. I don't want to, but if I am not sleeping properly again by Wednesday, then I have no choice. A week of "good" sleeping earns me an hour, whereas a week of "bad" sleeping gets punished with the loss of an hour.

And there you go, as mentioned at the top of the post, I am tired. I've overdone it this week, I've over thought stuff, I've not thought about stuff properly, and now my body is paying me back for it.

The bastard.

Again, however, it IS working. I've gone from being a full-time, professional insomniac, to sleeping virtually EVERY night in solid blocks. I'm not even going to peg this week as a failure, mainly because my sleep is disturbed due to outside sources. If my pain levels were better managed, if I didn't dwell on stuff too much, I suspect this week would have been like the rest, in that I slept!

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