I'm Not Dead*

You may be forgiven for thinking that your favourite blogger has fallen down a deep dark well and shuffled along to a slightly warmer, more lava-and-demon-filled existence, but you would be wrong.

That is not to say, of course, that I feel like I've been splattered at the bottom of aforementioned Deep Dark Well. This week has been, for want of a better word, shit. Nothing in particular has happened, but physically - and as a knock-on effect, mentally - I've been a bit crappy.

Sunday, my last post, I had had a busy week, over-done it and was suffering. If Sunday I felt like death, by Monday lunchtime, I had died, been risen in a voodoo ritual, and then stomped to buggery. I could barely function, my brain was doing it's own thing, I had a bastard of a migraine brewing, and it was all I could do to have a sandwich at lunch.

I'm never off my food.

By the evening, Kellie gets in and sends me to bed. 7.15pm, I am told to go to bed and to stay there. I lay down, feeling like hell, but fully expecting to not sleep. I don't remember much. I woke up at half ten the following morning.  I still felt crap, and my head was still splitting, but fifteen and a bit hours of sleep had improved me a little.

However, by Tuesday evening, my head was ripping itself in two, but with Kellie off at her mums again due to the continuation of the re-plastering, I put the kids to bed early, and then I went to bed to chill out and read.

Wednesday morning I felt horrible again, migraine still in full effect, shipped the kids off to school, and stayed on the sofa. I managed to do some laundry, and I managed to get some housework done, but ultimately, I stayed put. By the time Dom & Molly were in from school, and Tam & Jaysen were bought home, I could hardly walk and talk. I managed to give one of them some money to get dinner from the chip shop, and I passed out on the sofa.

Next thing I know, it's half six and Kellie is home. My head is a little better, but it turns out Kellie has a blinding headache too... Very strange... We've both felt on and off the last few days, so can only assume it's a virus or something that is making us feel worse than usual.

Thursday I was still a bit fuzzy headed, but by Friday, the pain was gone.

Thank f$ck.

Physically, I am still hurting and properly tired. All-over-properly-tired, but I've been doing my best to push through it. I popped into town yesterday to get five items, but ended up meandering around like a leaf on the wind for an hour. There were lots of noisy people, all pushing and barging, and I couldn't concentrate on going from A to B, so was out for ages and knackered myself.

And now, tonight/this morning, my body clock is being a bastard. We went to bed just after midnight, but then I woke up just before three after shitty dreams. I couldn't get back to sleep, so half an hour later, I am on the sofa reading for half an hour... I go back to bed, still can't sleep, so half an hour later, I am dressed and back downstairs.

We've a busy few days ahead of us now, so hopefully I will continue to function... Hopefully!


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One Response to “I'm Not Dead*”

Adullamite said...

Glad you are back! There is a bug going around, maybe its effects on you are worse than on others?