The Seven Year Old Peanut

In an event that can only make people feel old, my little Tamsyn is seven years old today!

I don't know what it is about Tamsyn growing up, but every time she reaches a milestone, learns to do something new, or just sits chatting to me, I find myself realising she is NOT a wee little blonde four-year old, but a rapidly-growing little lady.

We sit and read at bedtimes, and it seems to be some form of witchcraft that my little tiny girlie is able to read the words on the pages. When she lost her first teeth, I couldn't get my head around how quickly she was growing up. Her school reports shine with how nice and kind and friendly and clever she is...

But I still see her as a little blonde four year old.

And the change she has undergone... Four years ago, when she first met Kellie, she loved her to bits and settled with her really quickly. Everyone else, however, saw this shy little girl that clung to my leg, wouldn't talk, wouldn't make eye contact, wouldn't play with the other kids...

Now, when we go and see Kerry & James, Tam runs off and gives everyone a big cuddle, chatters like a real female, and is quite content to spend time with other people.

Granted, Daddy is now overlooked - when she comes home on a Wednesday, she runs PAST me, to find Kellie, gives Kellie a big cuddle, tells Kellie what she's been doing, and sits on Kellies lap. I have to subtly clear my throat/kick her in the butt to get her attention.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

To my gorgeous Tamsyn,
Happy Birthday my little Peanut. I can't believe you're seven already! Seven! I know I am shocked and surprised every single year that you are another year older, but you will always be the tiny little lady that had her own language and didn't talk to anyone she wasn't sure about.

You're growing up so fast, it's making my head spin. The things your teacher says about you fills me with pride at how you're growing up, how kind you are to others but also how SMART you are.

All we need to do now is work on you being a little bit QUIETER. You really are the noisiest of the four kids, and from the minute you wake up, everyone knows where you are in the house, from your voice, your footsteps, your giggle...

I love how you have bonded so well with Kellie - maybe a little TOO well in fact - and I enjoy sitting down watching you and her talk and share jokes and chill out together. I honestly could not be happier.

So happy birthday my beautiful little lady. We both love you so much, and are so proud of you every single day.

Lots of love,
Daddy & Kellie


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One Response to “The Seven Year Old Peanut”

Jampot said...

What a lovely post and S'odders, you will never be overlooked on the most important stuff.

It's a daughter and dad thing. Trust me