Musical Monday #132 - Love Me Do

There are some bands, no matter how old, will always remain marked as "classics" and I am not talking Beethoven or Bach,

Bands from the days of Black & White TV, and singers that - in a shock move - could actually sing AND play instruments. There was no lip syncing, there was no music video with an intricate plot, there was no demonic entity known today as Auto Tune.

No, back then, if you could neither sing nor play an instrument, you stayed where you belonged. OFF the TV screens and concert stages.

Unlike today, where any idiot can crank out shite, get it auto-tuned, have some Hollywood director splatter a video over the top of you lip syncing, and have the marketing machine churn out loads of hype - and you become famous.

Don't get me wrong, there are still people that can sing, or play instruments and are actually talented, but they are few and far between.

I've been going through some songs by The Beatles this morning - mainly because I woke up with one of their songs on loop in my head. Watching them perform on Whatever-That-American-TV-Show-Was-Called, and seeing them play on stage, I can't help but wonder what music would be like today, if everyone in the charts could perform as well as the artists used to back in the day.

It's a shame that a pretty face and jiggly bits gets you further in the music world than the ability to actually sing.

The Beatles - Love Me Do

Yes, I have posted it a day early. I meant to set it to post for tomorrow - but forgot.

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2 Responses to “Musical Monday #132 - Love Me Do”

Lesley said...

Yes I agree, timeless classics, too much crap music and lyrics out today. You might get the odd one thats worth listening to, but that's about all. And you can't beat a Beatles song.
BTW Love this layout Dan, so much easier to read than the white on black.

Adullamite said...

The music is good but they always mimed on 'Ready Steady Go!' and 'Top of the Pops,' as they were NOT allowed to sing live.