Religious Observance

If you've been reading 0ddness for a while, you will know one of the things I do is "random thoughts that serve NO purpose" usually on account of being tired or medicated.

Random crap seems to ooze from my brain on a regular occurrence, and being that I've been awake since 4am with my legs and back screaming blue murder, it's no wonder, then, that my brain has done it again.

Today is Good Friday, which means most people have the day off work. Monday (here, anyway) is a Bank Holiday, which means, again, most people have the day off work. This presents one of the rare Four Day Weekends that land on peoples laps every now and then... Four days off without booking a single day of holiday - not to mention the week either side also becomes the hallowed Four Day Working Week, another highly sought-after prize.

But I digress...

Most people are either not- or anti-religious. I know very few practising religious sorts. Church-every-Sunday types. A lot of people are of the "Don't Ram Your Religion Down My Throat" types.

And yes, dear Reader, if you know me, you will know that I too am very NOT religious. But we won't go there.

So here's my plan. Unless you are properly religious, church attending, hymn singing religious, surely you shouldn't qualify for any of these types of days off? The original reason for today being a non-working day was for "Religious Observances" but how many of you have today off and plan on doing anything religious-like?

I think we should round up everyone that isn't using this time off to go to church, and send them back to the office.

Told you my brain was weird.

(And as an aside, if any of you decide to start an anti-religion whine-fest in the comments, I'll delete your posts from here, and post them elsewhere for the world to see what a bumhead you actually are. You post on my blog, your words become mine to do with what I like)

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2 Responses to “Religious Observance”

Adullamite said...

Non Christian types should show integrity and refuse such a holiday!

Anonymous said...

The only holidays I get off of work that aren't religious are Independence Day and New Years, but I don't feel that it's any reflection on my integrity if I don't go to work on any of the religious holidays, since the office is closed anyway.

For the record, I don't get Good Friday off, and Monday may be a bank holiday, but as I don't work for a bank or government agency, I have to go to work anyway.

I'm not anti-religious, and even as an atheist, I don't take any kind of offense to someone saying Happy Easter or Merry Christmas to me. But if you think I'm going to go to work on any day I absolutely don't have to, you're mad.