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If there is one thing that fascinates me, it's the thoughts of a Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, I know that it's unlikely to happen, but the thoughts of living day-by-day, when the majority of the worlds population is trying to eat your brains...

I'm not one of these survivalists, not by any stretch of the imagination. I don't "do" guns (thought some knives make me think "ooooh purdy" but saying that, don't start sending me pictures of knives asking "you like this one?") but you look at the modern world as it is today, and have to wonder what it'd be like with everything upside down.

We're all used to our creature comforts. Press a button, hot water. Press another one, you're talking to someone halfway around the world. Press yet another, and a hot coffee is produced. You can call anyone from anywhere (Unless you're using the mobile network "3" of course), look up any knowledge from the history of mankind regardless of where you are sitting, and food and drink is safe and clean and easily sourced*

So you can't help but wonder, what would happen if all that just stopped. And add in to that mix the added trauma of Zombies all over the world, and you've got a pretty interesting mix of fun! No law, no help, no stuff that we are used to - just a day-to-day, if not hour-to-hour survival.

That's not to say I want the world to end in a brain-eating mess of the undead. But the thought of it does fascinate me.

I have to say, I do prefer the zombie movies of the last fifteen/twenty years - both "serious" and "comedy" versions, from Dawn of the Dead to Zombieland, NEVER forgetting Shaun of the Dead. The TV show, The Walking Dead, I've somehow NOT managed to see most of as yet... I watched the first couple of episodes, then sort of forgot about it. I think I got muddled with real life, and missed the rest of them, but I will fix that sooner or later.

Game-wise, the first couple of Resident Evil games on the original Playstation were brilliant. That's one license that has been flogged to death and no longer interests me, but jumping out my skin at dogs breaking through windows, or being chased by sodding great snakes - and creasing up at the voice acting ("Stop! Don't open that door!") were all great stuff. More recently, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space and Dead Rising are games I have properly enjoyed.

Yes, I am sure there are more movies and games that you believe I have to watch - but I am brain fogging and tired, so don't worry. These are just off the top of my head.

But let's say - for arguments sake - if the world really DID go to shit. A weaponised virus; A meteor shower; A ancient curse; No reason at all... How well do you think you would cope? I like to think I would do pretty well actually... A few days into a full outbreak maybe ;) But let's be honest - if you think you can survive it, there's a good chance you will either probably be patient zero, OR will be the saviour of all mankind.

There are various quizzes you can take to see if you would survive or not, and I am happy to say that as a general rule, I usually get a near-perfect score. Too many hours on Resident Evil I imagine. But, if they are in any way accurate...

Yay Me!

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Again, I am not being very serious here... Please don't think I am slipping into some sort of delirium-induced fantasy world. This is just my tired brain throwing out hypothetical situations. I'm not about to snap and go on a murderous spree, shooting people in the forehead because "He was a zombie" even though I am sure some of you are probably reading this thinking I have snapped. If I've snapped, then clearly the CDC have lost the plot also...

If you don't mind horror films, but haven't watched many zombie films, then go to it! If anything, they are good for a laugh. If you want to know how most of us would probably cope, then Shaun of the Dead is probably the best film for you. A very British zombie film.

And if you're not sure what to do during an Apocalypse, here's a handy check-sheet to guide you. Please note, that several of the options are not very good choices.

Choose Wisely.

*I am not going into poverty, bread lines, food banks here. I am talking in general. And if you are reading this thinking of such things, you need to get out more. I am talking about the Zombie Apocalypse, not politics.

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