Where To Find Me

I have been somewhat.. lax... in keeping the world informed where I can be found on the internet.

As I told someone before, I don't hide online behind fancy names, handles or pseudonyms. I am me, and I always have been. Granted, my username here and there is of the 0dd variety, but that's because, more often than not, you can't have you name as a username. Finding out who I am is as easy as reading this blog. Finding out where I live will take you a ten second Google search. Hell, one person pieced together where I lived - exactly where I lived - from things I had said and photos I had posted.

If that makes sense.

0ddness has been around for maaaany years, in many guises, in many forms. It's not a brand, it's not for sale, and I am sure there are plenty of others that use it here and there. In this guise alone, 0ddness has been jamming up the internet since 2003. The blog before that - which was still 0ddness in some form - was made New Years Day , Jan 1st 2000 at about 3am as (shockingly) I couldn't sleep.  Before THAT I used another platform that had numbers in it...

And so on and so on.

Over the years, social networking has taken over a lot of peoples lives - the number of brilliant blogs I used to read slowly dried up to just a handful as more and more people went off blogging and onto their social sites, and it was quite sad really. MySpace and Bebo sucked up a LOT of people (though I never bothered with either, really... I SEEM to recall setting up a MySpace page that I never used...) and then, ultimately, Facebook took over, and Twitter took the rest.

But I remain, plugging away at my blog. It's my vent, my outlet, my place to do whatever I want. I never MAKE people read, and while I love comments and knowing people enjoy it, I would carry on blogging regardless of a readership of none.

Knowing that not everyone likes to read the blog, over time I have branched out the 0ddness "brand" and went onto Twitter which, if I am honest - when I first started using it, it was interesting but soon got boring. I then went onto Plurk briefly which was good fun but again, got boring. I have an 0ddness Bl0g Facebook Page, which is for people that are on Facebook but not my friend list and want to know when there are new posts. I am back on Twitter, though I use it for general chatter - plus it tweets when I post a new blog entry.

A while back, everyone was on about Tumblr, and so I thought I would use it to post all the amusing pictures I find on the web, but it turns out, I couldn't work out how to post up gif files, so didn't bother - BUT I did keep the page, another 0ddness page. With Instagram now launching on Android - and wanting to be one of the cool kids - I now use that too, but have linked it to my Tumblr account, so when I take a pic with Instagram, it appears on the Tumblr page.

Confused?  Goody good.

So, aside from updating the column on the right in a bit, I figured I would post all the places I am "AT" across the web for you to browse where you like.
Blog (THIS blog, in fact!): www.0ddness.co.uk
This is where I post my general musings, things that amusing or irritate, songs I like (and dislike), observations on the world, taking the piss out of friends, enemies and loved ones, and putting the world to rights... Some days, I up date multiple times a day - other times, I can go a week or two in silence.
Facebook (0ddness.Bl0g): https://www.facebook.com/0ddness
Not a lot goes on here, but if you want to see when 0ddness has been updated via your Facebook, then Like/Subscribe or whatever you do, and you will get told when I've posted on here!
Facebook (Dan English): https://www.facebook.com/dan.english1
This is me, my personal Facebook page with friends from across the world, my family, with pictures galore of stuff that goes on. You will see a lot of crossover between Facebook & 0ddness, but sometimes I post on there and not on here, depending on my mood. And no, I DON'T play games on FB, so don't bother asking me to join your army or whatever!
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/106844549429672449172/posts
This is my Google Plus account I started in the final days of Beta, around the time the world was screaming for blood after Facebook changed it's look. However, unless all your friends follow you to a new Social site, it is kind of pointless. I rarely use G+ but have it, just in case.
Twitter: http://twitter.com/0dd1
This is where I prattle on most of the day and into the night. Random thoughts pop on here, conversations (in 140 characters or less) get spammed, people get the piss taken... If you want to see what I am doing, this is where I generally do it first.
Tumblr: http://0ddness.tumblr.com/
Now it's active, any photo I take with Instagram will be posted here automatically. They will also appear on Twitter and Facebook, but still... I'm still not sure I get the point of Tumblr to be honest - it just seems like someone has taken a blogging platform and edited it down with less features. Time will tell, I suppose...
Instagram (Not sure if I can link it!): 0dd1
If you're an Instagram user, then this is my username. I am still learning how to use it/what it does, but give me time ;) I am kinda hoping they improve it, as while you iPhone users have your crappy cameras, the rest of us on Android have HD cameras, widescreen photography... Instagram doesn't like that much, and the picture quality is reduced. But we'll see.

So there you have it - if you want to follow me across ANY medium, you're pretty much sorted with that list. And, like I say, I will be adding it to the top-right, just in case you want to click through to any of them at any given time. I am sure there are other sites I'm on that people might want to know about, but if that's the case, just ask.

And the same rules apply across all my sites - if you don't like what you are reading, kindly sod off. Don't complain that I offended you, don't tell me I am anti-this or pro-that. I am who I am, and am not forcing anyone to read anything I say.

Jog on, as they say.

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