Musical Movie Monday #138 - The Uprising

Yes, the title will give away the fact that this is a song from a movie.

However, usually, a good movie and a good soundtrack go hand in hand. I always think of The Matrix as an example. However, sometimes, the soundtrack is the main redeeming feature of a movie.

Last night, we watched The Darkest Hour. The will probably be spoilers ahead, so skip to the music if you so wish.

The plot: a pair of geeks arrive in Moscow to promote a travel app of some sort. They get stitched up, and go drown their sorrows in a bar. Meet some girls. Lights go out.

Alien invasion.

However, these aliens are invisible with the occasional flare of light. And they make people pop into dust.

Or, in other words, very little to spend on special effects. No BlArGlE I'M A MONSTER monsters, and no OMG DEAD BODIES! to deal with. So the aliens kill everything and the heroes hide out.

You know what, I don't even care that much. From the outset you can see who is going to survive and who (thankfully!) gets dusted by the gribblies. Plot Holes you could fall through aplenty, acting like you wouldn't believe - no, really, you wouldn't believe it...

Especially the end with the boat & submarine.

Awful movie BUT not as bad as Skyline. Or anything James suggests we watch.

However, the very last track playing over the credits was pretty damn good. Or, it was crap, but seemed good because it signalled the end of the film. Either way, thank goodness for this song!!

Pilot Hill - The Uprising

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