Staying Positive

As is (or, at least, will be) usual for a Wednesday morning, I figured I would do a brief update on the diet. I was going to do it last night, but would have ended up throwing something out a window.

Last night, I lost weight, 2.5lb. Huzzah, Yippee, Woot and so forth.


This last week, I have NOT stopped. I have been in and out the house, I have been eating fruit and salad. I have been on the go and sticking to the diet to the letter. I honestly expected about 4lb. That's not bragging, blowing my own trumpet or anything, I have worked HARD for it.

So, in the meeting last night, I was sat grinding my teeth.

Now, before you wade in and start telling me all sorts, I know 2.5lb is good. For most of the group, that's a LOT. Between the four of us going, we are seriously wiping the floor with everyone.

I just wanted more.

So that had my back up, and I was muttering and grumbling, and when it came to my turn to tell the leader how I felt about it, I let her know. I held back, but I let her know.


Despite being a little, shall we say, hacked off, that wasn't what got my fires a-raging. No, the smouldering flames were stocked when a group of women sauntered in, faffed around, got weighed and then sat beside the four of us.

And unpacked a cooked dinner.

Yes folks, this group decided that sitting in a group of dieters, they would sit and eat. Pots, pans, boxes, plates, cutlery... I was shocked at first, then pissed off. How rude can you get?

And the icing on the cake was the fact they were then scoffing piles of ACTUAL CAKE!

I was really pissed off. THAT was the petrol that was thrown on my fire, so I properly had the hump last night.

I NEARLY considered getting loads of junk food and scoffing out, but decided no, I am better than that. So Kellie chopped up a load of veg, I hacked some chicken to death, and then gassed the house out with a Thai stir fry with chilli and lime noodles.

We then watched Horrible Histories on the telly. Yes, we watched a kids TV program.

This week, I am going to be extra careful. I'm cutting out sweeteners in my coffee, I am drinking more water, and am reducing my portion sizes... I will try "doing more" in the way of walking and what-not, but I risk doing too much and killing myself to the point I can't do any more. Vicious Circle :(

I am glad I lost weight. A loss is a loss, and 2.5lb is a good loss. I just hoped for more.

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4 Responses to “Staying Positive”

Jampot said...

ah, for years I faffed about with my weight and then I discovered, medical conditions aside, you can eat as much as you exercise.

It's simply about the maths. Oh and not forgetting the processed food factor and the havoc MSG's wreak on our digestive processes. Oh and not forgetting the part emotions play comfort eating oh and oh and oh and...

Stick in lad. We'll make a neurotic woman of you yet


Dan said...

hehe ta darlin... I am a brilliant neurotic woman already, so that's one step achieved!

Just going to be careful and stuff this week. If next week is a similar loss, I will just assume it's how my body works :)

The HoJo's said...

I'm surprised they were allowed to stay! well done for not losing your cool ;o)


GreenCastle said...

Dan 2.5lb is plenty, just keep losing 2.5lb every week and the world will be a good place.

I have to agree with Pammy, it is about the math, the more you burn the more you can put in (or the more you lose weight if you dont) and I know it is hard, we just need to find a way of elevating your heart rate (I mean by exercise, not Kellie removing clothes) and burning calories without killing you physically (I have to say that personally, I dont mind either way).

All in all, keep it up.