Four Years...

Four years ago today, I was a nervous wreck. I had spent the weekend texting my very-good-friend-that-I-was-actually-having-feelings-for-but-didn't-know-how-to-say-anything.

That weekend, I was home alone, while my very-good-friend-that-I-was-actually-having-feelings-for-but-didn't-know-how-to-say-anything had been at a wedding. Thanks to the joys of her being a little tipsy - and me having been tipsy a couple of weeks beforehand at the home of The Posh One, and making things a little obvious how I felt, she had been making things a little more obvious that perhaps - just maybe - it wasn't me just thinking these things.

So, we agreed to meet up one very hot, sunny Monday, have a drink and a chat.

And that we did. We sat and chatted, and despite knowing it was a very important, life-altering conversation, I was such a wreck throughout it, I cannot remember any of that conversation. Clearly it was traumatic.

I DO remember the aftermath, however. We walked to the pub, had a couple of drinks, and when we left the pub, we were holding hands.

I had gained a girlfriend. Go me.

Four years later, that girlfriend now lives with me, now carried the title of Fiancée, and I get to call her mine every day, as well as calling her Kellie.

Granted, had various friends had their way, our anniversary date would have been a damn-sight sooner. See, everyone could see I liked her. And everyone could see she liked me. And when all these people pointed out this fact to either of us, it was a case of "Pfft don't be silly, we're just friends"

We met up regularly, we had lunch or coffee regularly, she came here, I went there - I stayed over there a few times and she fed me!! But neither of us could see anything other than just hanging out as friends.

Which to SOME, it was a great big pile of hilarity.

But, despite all that, and despite Kellie knowing of all my baggage, all my physical problems, knowing what I am like (ie, an arse), she still agreed to be my girlfriend.

And today, we've been together for four years. Aww.

Happy Anniversary, my Kellie. I love you lots.

Side-note: I should also add, that on this day four years ago, after sitting in the pub garden talking, I received a bastard of a sunburn on my face. So on this day four years ago, I not only gained a girlfriends, but also a sunburn!

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2 Responses to “Four Years...”

Sage said...

Congratulations to you and Kellie... I remember you posting when you got together xx

Stuart Wilson said...

Big congrats from all of us here in Evesham :)