New High Score!

Today, I broke two records. Most consecutive days survived, and most consecutive years survived.

Yes folks, if my mother is to be believed, today is the day a little bundle of joy arrived in her life, and grew to make her life a better experience.

At least, I'm sure that's what she meant when she says things like "bringing you up was a bloody experience"

Anyways, today would be my 36th birthday! Happy Birthday me! Thirty six years of bullying, victimising and harassing the people that I am better than - which is to say, everyone...

I have been inundated with messages on Facebook, Twitter and email, not to mention some phone calls and a metric shit-ton of text messages! Most interestingly was my first ever birthday vajazzling message* courtesy of Jenny!

On top of all these, I've been spoiled rotten by my Kellie and the kids, and will report on gifts later, but suffice to say, Kellie has pandered to my dirty little secret addiction...

On top of this, we went out for breakfast this morning, and being my birthday, I had two McDonald's breakfasts... And a JagerBomb when we got in at 11am!

This evening I am led to believe that the 0dd-Mother-in-law is coming over for dinner, so bring on the steak!

All in all, I've had a brilliant day so far, am exhausted from it all in fact, and will thank you all individually a bit later, but a massive THANK YOU to every one that has contacted me in some way today. It does mean a lot to me, and I promise I will be attempting to break my radio silence this week with news and everything else.

*The vajazzling taken seriously means you don't actually get many humor ;-)

P.S I'm publishing this on a school run via the phone, so apologies for random autocorrected typos!

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