To Coin A Phrase (Sorta) Pt. Two

(Part The Second) So, aside from Heart-Attack Sherlock doing her thing, what else has been going on in Chez 0ddness? Well, as a small point, it has been the school Summer Holidays here, which can only mean one thing. Well, two actually...

One, Kellie suddenly finds more overtime to do at work, and Two, the kids are present for six and a half weeks, full time.

Are the two linked? I believe they might be, and if memory serves, the same phenomenon occurred last year too...


So anyway, this year wasn't quite so bad, in that I didn't actually get blinded by my son. All good so far. In addition to this, we were down one child the whole holiday - on Day One of the holidays, we took Dom into London and threw him on a train to Devon, where he was met at the other end by Kellies brother. This wasn't just an exercise in child abuse, no no, Dom had arranged to work in their pub for the duration of the holidays to get himself some cash.

Because he's a tart that loves him some brand names on his pants or something.

But I digress.

With Dom safely left in the care of a stranger driving a large lump of metal, we decided that us (Kellie and I) would take the remaining kids (three) and the 0dd Mother In Law to see the relatives of the latter... Or, rather, we went to the natural history museum to look at the dinosaurs.

Now, on our list of "Things That Are Probably Not That Smart" this ranked in quite highly, mainly because we were in Jolly ol' London the weekend before the start of the Olympic Games.


To say it was "a weeny bit busy" was an understatement, and as the day wore on, more and more people seemed to arrive not only in London, but within the vicinity of standing on my feet.

The tubes were packed (much to the joy of the walking panic-attack that is Kellie) and the museum was heaving with people (it took 45 minutes just to get in!), and apparently everyone wanted to see the relatives of the 0dd Mother in Law as much as we did. And most people seemed to decide that using my FOOT was the best way to get a good view.

I admit, I nearly threw some people into the jaws of the dinos.

And that was just the first weekend!

During the holidays, we alternated between one childs (Molly), or three childs (The aforementioned Molly, plus Jaysen & Tamsyn), and every now and then, one would be off elsewhere, or two would be off out... Throughout the entire six-weeks, we had ONE child-free night, and that was on the last weekend!

Otherwise, we did plenty... We went to nature days at Wat Tyler, we spent time at the lakes, we played at our stream, we wandered over Langdon Hills, we went to see friends and family here and there, we had a few nights out too...

Time, however, was just not on our side, and everything we wanted to do was just not possible... Between me having to make sure I was able to do stuff, or Kellie conveniently working, or - and the biggest hurdle of them ALL - the weather being completely and utterly shite... Our to-do list, while having many things crossed off, was not completed once again.

The weather was f$cking awful though - it rained pretty much the entire time, dry days were actually just "It's going to rain at any minute" days, and while we DID manage a few nice days, they were few and far between.

O-o-oh! And we had a couple of barbecues, during which I was in charge of the FIRE each time. And NO ONE received any medical help, bandaging or anything... I didn't even set fire to myself.

Though, I did get an awful burn on the first weekend, but that was a pan handle left over a flame that I grabbed.


And there you have it, another manic summer holiday for us lot... I won't cover the mosquito bites, the exploring dark tunnels, the "we're not lost, we just don't know where we are" walkabout, or any other shenanigans that might have occurred...

Not in this post, anyway ;)

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