Musical Monday #145 - Kings & Queens

Yes yes, one day - maybe, just maybe - I will post a Musical Monday every Monday.  Wouldn't that be something. I'm tempted to do a few at a time, and just schedule them to post, but with people whining on YouTube that "But That's MY Song!" there is the high-likelihood of the video not being available once it comes around to posting.

But I digress. As usual.

This is a song I often think about posting as my Musical Monday, but for some reason, I always forget to post it. The only reason I remembered today was due to me editing meta-data on parts of my MP3 collection (the songs that didn't conform to my anally-retentive mentalness) and I even wrote it down on a post-it note so I remembered!


Yes, I'm organised.
Yes, my post-its are pink.
And yes, that's a hair scrunchie. It's Kellies ;)

So aside from many random tangents... The song. Yes.

I first heard this many moons ago on one of the many music TV channels - I suspect while sitting at Gemmas for some reason. However, being at the 0dd Sisters, invariably, there would be any number of children maurading - Hers, plus mine, plus additional numbers if it happened to be a social gathering...

Since then, I've heard it and thought "Oooh!" and then forgotten it, then eventually gotten ahold of it, then proceeded to resume forgetting about it - until I hear it again and think "Oooh!" once more.

But not today. No no no!

30 Seconds To Mars - Kings & Queens

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