Musical Monday #146 - Love Like Winter

Being that technically it is still Monday (shush those Down Under!) I am actually doing another Musical Monday on *shock horror* a Monday!

I first heard this song a few years back, and every now and then, it crops up on my play list. Every time  hear it, I think "Ooh I should do that for a Musical Monday!" and, as this is me we're talking about, I completely forget about it.

You know, as usual.

So, being that I am in fact, the smartest man in the world, I wrote it down on a post-it note, ready for today.

I've not had the best day ever. Or few days. Nor, in fact, the best week ever, but as diligent as I am, I remembered to post!

And I didn't cheat by pre-publishing it either!

And now, with 4hrs 15mins spare, I give you AFI - Love Like Winter

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