Bloody Weather!

A wise man once said, "Oh, the weather outside is frightful..." and he couldn't have been more correct. However, the one caveat to this phrase was that he was singing about the middle of winter.

WINTER, dammit. Snow, Ice, Sleet, Hail, Sub-Zero temperatures... Three or four days ago, it was "officially" the first day of spring. Since then, it's been sodding freezing, and we've had snow and sleet almost constantly.

Considering Summer 2012 was a wash (literally) I was hoping that by March/April time, the weather would have picked up, the sun would be shining, and everything would be very Hallmark-Easter-Greeting-Card-Esque.

Is it f$ck.

If there are any spring lambs, they won't need slaughtering and freezing - they're probably laying dead in the fields already. The frost and snow has killed my daffodils and - ironically - my snowdrops.

So, Mother Nature, enough with the stupid shit. I'm done with winter. I've been done with winter for the last six weeks. Bring on the sun, the warmth and the bunnies frolicking in the fields, not snow ploughs, snow drifts and snow men!


And Newsflash! The Fence is getting fixed in April!

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