When Insomnia Strikes

Usually with my insomnia, I can find no reason for it to happen. I don't lay in bed stewing on things, I don't lay in bed planning my life, I don't lay in bed dwelling on the past... But sometimes, I DO find things that keeps my brain rattling in the skull...

As you may have guessed, I am writing this during a bout of insomnia. And as you may have also guessed, I can place the reason for it...

I'm dwelling on all things Wedding.

No, I'm not worrying about it, just have lots of things running around in my head. Have to do this, have to figure this out, have to arrange this, can we afford this... Most people seem to think the Groom's job is just to turn up on time, but as Kellie (who has been snoring beside me ALL night long) and I are planning and arranging everything ourselves, I have slightly more to do than just show up.

Our original wedding plans came to a grinding halt in December, when we were hit with some big bills. No, we didn't publicise it, and no, we weren't going begging. Financially, our planned wedding was looking very unlikely. On top of all our health issues, it was too much, and we set about canceling it all together. I was pissed off and miserable, and tried to go about my business.

By mid-March, we decided to change the plan somewhat... Granted, we couldn't have the big wedding ceremony we wanted, but we could still get married at a Registry Office. This, of course, meant completely reworking the wedding guest list, and a serious culling occurred. Then we've had to look at alternatives for the meal, the evening Reception, the venue, caterers...

As well as this, Kellie now has just under the months to sort out her wedding dress, I've got to work out my outfit, then the boys and girls with us need clothing as well. Then there's the rings, the cake, the cars, the entertainment, not to mention the invites we've got to get made up (by us!) then posted, then sort the RSVP's.

The list is seemingly endless, and all I can do is think about things that need doing. Which means despite my best efforts, sleep is currently a big No-No. I've tried everything this night, but to no avail - the grey matter is running hot.

And I need to get my hair sorted!

I'm sure that as the days tick by, things will fall into place and can be crossed off the lists that are slowly building up... Hopefully the basics will be covered, and anything missing, meh, so be it. We're doing our day for us, with minimal drama and politics. If people don't like it, so be it - the exits are clearly marked.

Watch this space for future episodes, including "Shit, These Trousers Don't Fit" and "Oh My God I Ordered The Wrong Type Of Voulevant" and my personal favorite "I Look Hideous In This, I'm Not Going"

And a word to the wise - send back the RSVP.

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