Wedding Pictures

It occurs to me that, despite having been married for over four months now, my blogging radio-silence sort of missed and skipped through the time we received our wedding photos...

Now, I am not going to post them all, just a few from throughout the day - otherwise, you will burn through any web/data allowance you might have by viewing this one post...

The total so far stands at 5Gb. Not too shabby.

Almost all of these photos I am posting were taken by our truly-amazing photographer, Sarah, of Prideaux Photography. Honestly, she was brilliant, more of a guest than someone working through the day (and she didn't just work, she slaved bless her). I am sure we will use her again for family photographs, but if you're in the area and need someone, contact Sarah.

Prideaux Photography: Facebook Page or Twitter Feed

Anyway, these are in a sort of chronological order, mostly by Sarah, some by me, some by James. We have literally hundreds of pictures too, but I'm not going to post photos full of everyone else, because you can bet someone will moan ;)

Warpaint Application

Bride & Maid of Honour

Team Bride

Bridesmaids and Grandad

Jaysen working out shoe-wearing

Dom not understanding shoe-wearing

Half-Nekkid Coffee Drinking? Chilled.

Worlds SLOWEST Driver!

Team Groom!


Bridal Party in Full

Yeah, I was aaaaall good

Listening to the Registrar

Signing the Marriage Register


The Shoe Conspiracy revealed


Heading out for photos

Toby & Harry, NOT wanting to be in photos

One big happy family

First Dance

Dancing, Ignoring Everyone

Hotel bed, and we're exhausted

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