Musical.. Er.. Day.. Number.. Erm..

"So Mr Insomniac -" ask the normal people of the world, the ones that get into bed, fall asleep for 8.37 hours, and wake up feeling refreshed "- what's it like living on 1-2 hours of broken sleep every night for weeks on end?"

The Insomniac isn't too sure how to answer this. After all, Last Remaining Alert Brain Cell (that you may recall, is a complete and utter bastard) has made the Insomniac walk to town and do shopping amid all the cranky if it wasn't for us in world war two pensioners pushing past the Insomniac, and 'disabled' people on their Obescycles blocking the aisles so they can buy chocolate...

The Last Remaining Alert Brain Cell, being a complete and utter bastard, decides to answer the question in the form of music. He vaguely recalls the day being Monday, and something associated with music happening on that day.

So here we have what it's like in the head of Mr Insomniac most days.

And f$cking nights.

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