Musical Monday #156 - I Love It

Being that it's been "a while" since I did a Musical Monday post, I decided that today I would share what has been rattling around in my brain container since about 3am today.

As is usual for me, I had a crappy night of broken, disturbed sleep. I couldn't get into a deep sleep, the slightest noise (ie, the cats, the wife snoring, Molly fidgeting in her room, people passing outside, random noises & sounds, and anything else that my brain decided was a reason to nudge me awake) woke me up, and I just could not get comfy.

And every time I woke up, I realised I had this song playing in my head. Quite loudly on some occasions.

It's quite a cheesy pop song, but it's sort of like the smell of burnt bacon - it's everywhere, and you don't think much of it, but eventually it grows on you, you become accustomed to it, and then you think you quite like it.

Icona Pop - I Love It

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